Working With Your Channel Partners

They may be the smallest but you can trap many 1½ to 3 lbs properly ingesting catfish pretty smooth. This catfish can be smaller when evaluating to the other blue catfish and flathead catfish in reservoirs however those catfish can grow to nicely over 50 lbs in these freshwater impoundments. You won’t locate many of those monsters because channel catfish develop very slowly however they are there. Also catfish catches over 8 lbs aren’t uncommon in large reservoirs.

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Channel cats are tormented by the seasons and there’s sufficient of a migration with the season modifications to lead them to predictable. As the seasons exchange you may goal different migration regions after you learn where they’re. As spring breaks and the water begins to heat you will discover channel cats mixed in with blue catfish chasing an expansion of bait fish alongside the banks. Normally they’ll be maintaining on the windward aspect. There major food source in early spring are the iciness kill of shad. If you could find a couple of useless shad in a place maximum likely there will channel cats feeding on them. Once the shad kill is depleted the channel catfish will journey up the small tributaries located across the reservoir and could stay there feeding aggressively in a pre-spawn mode until early summer season.

The channels will are seeking out cutbanks, riprap and hold there for unsuspecting bait fish. Channel cats also love mussels and if you may discover sandy residences that hold mussels and that are close to deep water, you may cross bait fishing with mussel meat and capture some exquisite table fare. Once the water truly warms channel catfish will head back to deep water. They generally do not like open water shape so look for deep water on the main frame of the reservoir on the mouth of massive creeks and rivers that sell off into the reservoir, channel catfish want to preserve there. For example if you may discover the mouth of creeks and rivers which have structure and is adjoining to deeper water you could seize channel cats and blue catfish.

Look for factors or a bar that drops into the creek close to wherein the creek empties into the primary reservoir. Also if you could discover a large flat that is near the hole of the creek you will seize channel catfish. A flat at these places are best setup places for night time fishing for channel catfish and blue catfish.