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It can be difficult to decide whether or not to take part in a legal group action case. The advantages are discussed below and should be carefully considered by each group member prior to joining a group action lawsuit so that if you are considering becoming a group member you will have a realistic idea of the possible good and not-so-good outcomes of joining a group action. The claims on behalf of each claimant need to be similar, though not identical, so that it is more practical for belviq class action one lawsuit to resolve them than numerous lawsuits. This involves determining similar sets of facts or similar questions of law. This way, insurance claims can all be handled together. It should not be necessary for the court to have to hear each individual claim in order to separate out minor differences among them. This concept is referred to as commonality.

Group/representative action settlements or verdicts affect many people and often the defendant itself, in this case the insurer. All of the plaintiff group members and defendants in a single group action are affected but, so too is the reputation and future of the defendant’s insurance business, and the business of similarly situated insurance companies, and ultimately policyholders as a whole. Group action litigation has a long history of changing the way businesses do business and of protecting the rights of a country’s citizens. This has been particularly so in the USA where some of the major class actions have had a major impact on the rights of American citizens with many decisions having produced major social and legal change.