How to Remove Exterior Vinyl Shutters That Are Installed With Shutter Loks


Maintenance on your private home in inevitable, and protection can every now and then be a venture. You often need to paint the exterior, paint the indoors, restore the occasional damaged tap, replace the plants that died on you, and reseed and fertilize the garden just to name a few.

A common question people have is ready decorative vinyl exterior shutters: “How do I put off outside vinyl shutters that are hooked up with Shutter-Loks without breaking the exterior vinyl shutter?”.

Shutter-Loks (once in a while spelled “shutter locks” and frequently referred to as clean-loks, shutter plugs, or plastic nails) are designed for a everlasting shutter set up. However, it’s far nonetheless viable to remove decorative exterior vinyl shutters whilst doing recurring upkeep (consisting of outdoors painting or putting in new siding) on your private home. The bottom line is, you may take away the window shutters, but putting in them once more would require you to purchase new Shutter-Loks. Keep this in mind before you take them down, due to the fact Shutter-Loks generally can not be found in neighborhood shops. Shuter-Loks may be bought on line although (see the link at the lowest of this text).

Do now not strive to pull the Shutter-Lok out of the wall, as you may maximum probable harm the floor of your outdoors vinyl shutters. To put off the exterior decorative shutters, you may want the following:

A small chisel with a sharpened aspect
A hammer
A diagonal cutter
An electric drill with a 1/four” drill bit
Turn the chisel so the sharp edge is facing faraway Vinyl Cutter from the floor of the residence and slide it behind the shutter till it rests in opposition to the Shutter-Lok. Use a hammer to offer the manage of the chisel a sharp faucet and the chisel will reduce via the Shutter-Lok.

After you’ve got cut via all of the Shutter-Loks, take the shuttter down and set it carefully at the floor. Use a diagonal cutter to shear the remaining piece of the Shutter-Lok so it’s miles flush with the surface. Next, drill out the Shutter-Lok the use of a 1/4″ drill bit. Do no longer go away the Shutter-Lok internal of the wall because moisture can leak in and it’ll begin to rot.

Now, if you plan to leave the window shutters off of your private home, you ought to fill the hollow in with caulking compound and easy it off so it is level with the floor and you can then repaint to make the hole invisible.

If you plan to reinstall the vinyl exterior shutters once you paint your own home, fill the hollow partially with silicone to weatherproof it temporarily. After portray the exterior of the residence, you can redrill the hole with a 1/four” drill bit to take away the silicone.

To reinstall, rest the outdoors window shutter towards the floor and align it with the holes, then press the Shutter-Loks into the holes part manner to hold the vinyl shutter in place. Then use a hammer to very lightly faucet the Shutter-Lok until it is flush with the surface of the exterior window shutter. Do now not maintain tapping, as this can make the shutter begin to dimple and you’ll want to purchase new Shutter-Loks and begin over because there’s no way to drag them back out. You need to leave the Shutter-Loks simply slightly free to permit for growth and contraction.

For information approximately selecting, measuring, buying outdoors vinyl window shutters, and shopping for replacement Shutter-Loks for your own home,