Haji Plus: Pilihan Terbaik untuk Ibadah yang Sesuai Sunnah


Haji Plus, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the most sacred and significant acts of worship in Islam. It’s a journey that every Muslim aspires to undertake at least once in their lifetime. biaya haji plus Performing Haji Plus in accordance with the Sunnah, or the way of the Prophet Muhammad, is of utmost importance. Travel Amanah stands out as the best choice for those seeking to fulfill this religious obligation in a manner that aligns with the Sunnah.


  1. Strong Emphasis on Tawheed (Monotheism):

Haji Plus is a journey that reinforces the concept of monotheism in Islam. Travel Amanah places a strong emphasis on Tawheed, ensuring that pilgrims understand the oneness of Allah and the significance of this belief in their lives.


  1. Following in the Footsteps of the Prophet:

Travel Amanah is dedicated to following the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad during Haji Plus. The agency ensures that every aspect of the journey, from the rituals to the way of living, mirrors the Sunnah.


  1. Abstaining from Worldly Distractions:

One of the core principles of the Sunnah is to abstain from worldly distractions and focus on the worship of Allah. Travel Amanah advises pilgrims to minimize their attachment to material possessions during the journey, allowing them to concentrate on their spiritual obligations.


  1. Adhering to Pilgrimage Rituals:

Haji Plus involves several rituals, such as the Tawaf (circumambulation) around the Kaaba and the Stoning of the Devil. Travel Amanah ensures that pilgrims are well-informed about these rituals and follow them meticulously in accordance with the Sunnah.


  1. Providing Spiritual Guidance:

Travel Amanah offers spiritual guidance to pilgrims, helping them connect with their faith and the spiritual aspect of the journey. This guidance enables pilgrims to perform their religious duties with sincerity and devotion.


  1. Acts of Charity and Kindness:

The Sunnah places a strong emphasis on acts of charity and kindness. Travel Amanah encourages pilgrims to engage in such acts during their Haji Plus journey, whether it’s helping fellow pilgrims or contributing to local charitable causes.


  1. Pilgrimage in Unity:

Travel Amanah organizes group prayers for pilgrims at key religious sites, enabling them to pray alongside fellow Muslims from around the world. This practice aligns with the Sunnah and fosters a sense of unity and community.


Traveling with Travel Amanah for your Haji Plus journey ensures that your worship is in line with the Sunnah. The agency’s unwavering commitment to providing a spiritually enriching and authentic experience sets them apart as the best choice for Muslims looking to undertake this sacred journey. Choosing Travel Amanah means choosing the path of the Prophet and embarking on a Haji Plus journey that is deeply meaningful and aligned with the tenets of Islam.