Christ Consciousness Versus Moses Consciousness

Men's Ministry | East Pickens Baptist Church


When the Cloud appeared on the Mountain to the three witnesses: Peter, jesus christ gospel of love James and John, it signified our most important True Spirit Self; our invisible Christ Spirit Self resides in our Cloud Aurora. This is most important when we understand that Our Father only sees us in Christ, in the Aurora, for Christ is our Spiritual Life. His Spirit Life is more important than our natural life because it is from the Spirit that we receive even our physical life. Paul said, “the Spirit giveth Life” (2nd Corinthians 3:6). The three witnesses missed the dynamic of what they saw and heard because they had not yet been Anointed with Spiritual understanding.

The Gospel according to Thomas, hidden for two Ages and sixty generations, reported that Jesus said to His Disciples; “The Kingdom of Heaven will come (appear) when the outside becomes the inside and the inside becomes the outside.” My interpretation is that ‘The Kingdom of Heaven will become perceivably visible when the Mind Of Christ, in our Spirit Cloud Aurora, becomes our mind inside the higher consciousness of the frontal lobe of our brain, and the brain inside our head becomes one with and the same as the ‘Soul Consciousness in the Cloud Aurora.’

There is a carnal consciousness of the physical world using one or more of our five senses. There is also the spiritually awakened, soul awareness of God’s Presence.

ATTENTION KNOT HEADS – To the Knothole Gang: I’m sure that you are aware that when you look through a knothole, you are looking with only one eye, and you only get a partial view of what is happening on the “field.” I’m aware that when I write, what I write may not be all that is happening in the quantum field. I only write to contribute my line of sight as to what the Spirit of Truth is showing us. Hearing what is being seen and heard by at least two or three other witnesses is important to balance our Truth. Your Truth is based on your journey, and is what you are responsible for.

A note in a bottle…

When Jesus died on the cross He erased the effects of 4,000 years of ‘carnally controlled’ human history (Eph. 3:15). When He arose out from among the ‘cut off ones,’ those who were cut off consciously from the Spirit of God and were carnally dead, Christ instituted a ‘unique new creation’, a species of Spiritually Conscious Beings. The people before Christ were ‘alive’ in their animal or carnal brain. They were dead in ignorance to the Spirit’s Presence. The new Christ empowered and Spiritually ruled people, by believing, are equipped to experience the Power of His Resurrection Life. Christ was The Resurrection even before the Cross. We are assigned to interrupt, change and control the normal patterns of Nature which is programmed like history to repeat itself. Developing the power to express the authority of our Resurrection Spirit Life and to ‘make’ each day as NEW Day, is our daily conquest. Paul said, “The dead in Christ must rise first.” We are the ‘dead in Christ’ who have risen first. We are living under the influence of the constellation Aquarius (the Water Man). EACH of us are individually on our way to walking out our True identity.

The Transfiguration Question:

Why would Moses and Elijah have counselled Jesus about His death?

We are continuing our quest to the hidden truths in the Transfiguration of Jesus.  is our key word. Solomon said, “And with all your getting get understanding.” It is very important to ‘Remember’ that where there is no time, Spirit Life is different from physical life. In the first event of the Transfiguration of  Moses and Elijah were talking with Jesus. I have previously proposed that Moses represented the Law of Sin and Death. He introduced this Law to Israel when he put the ‘flesh’ veil on his face. We learn from Hebrews chapter 10, that the veil is the flesh. It is important to see that Moses chose to relate to his people in the flesh.

Messiah Jesus taught us that ‘ just as the flesh conscious nature is a false nature. In the first act of Passover we are shown that the natural sensual man looks at every thing as flesh, using his five carnal senses. Paul had explained that it is the flesh conscious veil that was taken away when Jesus Christ died on the cross as the first Adam. In the ‘salvation equation’ that was “The End” of the earthy Adam. He arose to give ‘power over death’ to all who have spiritually connected “in Christ,” the Life giving Spirit from Heaven (1st Corinthians 15).

When Christ died on the cross, He died as the Lamb of God. Paul referred to Him as our Passover. When “Christ our Passover Lamb” died, at that point every ‘believer in Christ,’ whether aware of it or not, was released from the dictatorial power of flesh consciousness (1st Cor. 5:7). We previously have established that “our life was hid with Christ in God from The Beginning.” The word “beginning” in Genesis 1:1, comes from the Hebrew word RaSheath, which identifies a Head Ship Company. Every believer ‘in Christ’ has always been in Christ and His Head Ship Company (Ephesians 5:23). The Passover Lamb represented our sub-conscious nature which was programmed by copying our family’s carnal lineage. Christ who is our Life, is identified by Paul as our Passover (1st Cor. 5). Because He died, we can become consciously aware that when He died, we died; we ascended above our childhood sub-conscious carnality, to see ourselves as Spirit.